September 26, 2018

Why Use Plastic Food Models For Display?

When cooked food are put on display, they will turn bad with time and will invite flies / ants. Replacing cooked food with plastic food models for display purposes will eliminate the problem of food wastage. Food models retain the actual food colour and texture for a long time.

Money and labour can be saved, food wastage can be avoided.

Food models can be displayed at the entrance of restaurants, creating 3D visual food menus with strong impact. Such visual impact will whet the appetite of customers.

Food models allow easier ordering of food at restaurants / eating places. Tourists who are not familiar with local food will understand quickly once they see the realistic food models.

Food models can be used for special food promotions at restaurants, hotels and food exhibitions, as well as for nutrition and health education at hospitals, polyclinics and schools.

Our plastic food models are made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and will have a long lifespan if not put under direct sunlight or close to artificial heat. Dust can be removed by a damp cloth or rinsing with water.


ladyironchef said...

hello there, thanks for linking my site. i think you got a cool website, didn't know there's a blog selling plastic food models, will know where to look for them the next time if i need it : )


Phil Design Studio said...

You are most welcome Brad. Thank you for your feedback. Feel free to ask me anything about plastic food models.


Geotacs said...

cool, unique and interesting blog!

thanks for sharing!


Phil Design Studio said...

Thank you Geotacs. Cheers.

Anonymous said...
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Toni said...

As one of the many modelmakers, I am really amazed at the skill of the Japanese at making food models which look like pretty good enough to eat already. Being an employee for a product assembly service provider makes me love plastic art more.